Boiler FAQs The Boiler Installation Specialists

Boiler FAQs The Boiler Installation Specialists

Boiler FAQs The Boiler Installation Specialists
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  • Best replacement for a Worcester 28i combi boiler? - MyBuilder

    Prefer Vaillant but your right about the aftersales service. Agree with both of the above, Intergas are a fantastic boiler. Very clever design especially the heat exchanger. Can't go wrong with either Intergas or Viessman, although if your after the long warranty, I'd probably still go with a Vaillant EcoTec Plus model. KefidT09:40:03+01:00.Get Price

  • Combi Boiler Pressure Too High *When On

    Jan 29, 2014 · We were lucky enough to inherit a Worcester boiler with our house (28i Junior to be precise). Never had a problem with it, or the CH system. Bled a top of house radiator sunday night as the top wasnt hot, no probs there, didnt check the boiler pressure afterwards though, and Monday morning the missus had hold/cold shower as the boiler didnt work properly due to low …Get Price

  • Worcester 28CDi RSF Combi-Boiler (gas)

    Aug 11, 2012 · [email protected] Feb 13, 2011. #1. Hi, I have a Worcester 28CDi RSF Combi-Boiler (gas) which I have a problem with. I had a plumber come to look at it yesterday and he told me that I should replace the boiler as it would cost more than it is worth to fix it. The plumber is not someone I know, and fair enough, if it needs a new boiler then that is what we Get Price

  • Hose End Valves | NIBCO

    Boiler Drain - Multi-Turn, Copper or Male Threads to Hose 74-CL Valve pressure rating 125 psi to 100°F, Maximum temperature 180°F/82.2°C, Screw-in bonnet, Buna-N seat, 1/2" cup or MIP to hose connections, 3/4" MIP to hose connections, Dezincification resistant, Use in U.S. drinking water applications is prohibited after January 3, 2014Get Price

  • Safety Valve 87161424040 Worcester 24CDi 26CDi 24I 28CDi

    Safety Valve Worcester 24Cdi 26Cdi 24I 28Cdi Pressure Relief Valve:Worcester 15SbiWorcester 24CdiWorcester 24IWorcester 26CdiWorcester 28CdiWorcester 28IWorcester 35Cdi IiWorcester NovastarPart No. 6.47(boiler parts)Safety Valve 87161424040 Worcester 24CGet Price

  • Worcester 28CDi Combi Boiler - No Hot water takes for ages

    May 26, 2011 · Worcester 28CDi Combi Boiler - No Hot water takes for ages! I have recently not been able to get hot water out of the taps for 5 mins or so. The pressure has been at 0 for over a month and would not go up when turning key. I have had a gas man come out yesterday who had to add a new filler pipe to the bottom of the combi boiler.Get Price

  • NIBCO 74CL12 1/2 in. Bronze MIP x Hose Thread Boiler Drain

    The NIBCO boiler drain ensures trouble-free operation and ease of access. The multi-purpose drain valve is recommended for use in low-pressure water systems. The NIBCO multi-turn boiler drain is manufactured from dezincification resistant cast copper, with a Buna-N seat. Screw-in bonnet; Buna-N seat; Multi-turn design; 1/2 in. cup or MIP to Get Price

  • Worcester Junior 24i Pressure Too High or Low . Boiler

    I don't know if this boiler is fixed or not. No idea!!!To support this content and get access to the PDF files to go with this training click here: https://Get Price

  • Worcester 28cdi Hot water Issue -

    Mar 21, 2018 · I have a problem with my Worcester 28cdi combi boiler. When the hot water is used within a few seconds the reset light start flashing, after several attempts then the hot water will stay on (usually). If the central heating is on and you use the hot water very rarely does it trip the reset, any ideas on what might cause this ?Get Price

  • Worcester 28CDi Compact Combi Boiler ErP 7733600054

    Worcester Greenstar 28CDi Compact Combination Boiler Natural Gas ErP | 7733600054 The Greenstar CDi Compact is a substantially smaller version of the Worcester CDi Classic, yet maintains the same high performance and high efficiency standards. This Boiler will fit in your cupboard with its compact design. Great Boiler!Get Price

  • The Most Efficient Combi Boilers In 2021 - HomeSage

    Jul 09, 2020 · The Most Efficient Combi Boilers in 2021. Did you know that your heating bill accounts for around 55% of your annual energy costs?. Choosing an energy efficient combi boiler will make sure you pay considerably less and still keep your home warm and cosy.. With so many boilers on the market it can be tricky to make the best choice for your property size and needs.Get Price

  • Worcester Fault Codes | Worcester Bosch Boiler Fault Codes

    FA 364. This means there is a gas valve leak. You should turn off your boiler and contact BOXT or Worcester Bosch to send out an engineer. FB 365. An FB 365 fault code means there is a gas valve leak. You should turn off your boiler and contact BOXT or Worcester Bosch to send out an engineer. A1 281.Get Price

  • Boiler Pressure Too High, Low, Keeps Rising, Dropping

    Despite the fact they are the most popular boiler brand in the UK though, Worcester boiler pressure may still fluctuate. So, it's important to be fully clued up on the steps to take if you notice your boiler pressure is too high or too low. Let's take a look at how to look after your combi boiler pressure and keep your boiler happy and healthy.Get Price

  • US6655322B1 Boiler water blowdown control system

    2017/3/7 · Meanwhile, some boiler water chemicals will break down and become ineffective if left in the system too long. To control these parameters, we need to blowdown water from the boiler water. For boilers with softened make-up water (typically lower pressure boilers), enough TDS usually exists in the waters to allow for calculating CoC.Get Price

  • How to Reset a Boiler: Get Your Boiler Firing Up Again

    Water pressure. If the water pressure is either too low or too high your boiler could stop working altogether, not just lockout. You can find out the water pressure by looking at the pressure gauge; you should aim to keep it at around 1 bar. Ignition failure. Many boilers will lockout after 3 failed attempts to ignite.Get Price

  • I have a Worcester 28CDi RSF Combi Boiler and am

    Sep 23, 2010 · I have a Worcester 28CDi RSF Combi Boiler and am experiencing problems with intermittent hot water. As soon as the water heats up it then immediately goes cool and then reverts to hot again but only briefly. Low water pressure will exacerbate such a problem as well, what does the water pressure gage read? That mixes very very hot boiler Get Price

  • Combi boiler help please, running hot then cold

    Jan 20, 2011 · The boiler is heating the water, then the water leaving the boiler gets too hot so the boiler shuts down until water leaving the boiler is cool again, and then cycles. One solution is to turn DOWN the required temperature of the water. This will stop the boiler overheating the water. This won't stop it, as the plate is blocked on the system side.Get Price

  • bosch 28CDi water valve & pressure | DIYnot Forums

    Sep 03, 2019 · Hi all, This morning I raised the pressure on my Worcester Bosch 28CDi Combi boiler to about 1.2 (for the first time, i am new to this), by …Get Price

  • Best Combi Boilers in 2021 (New) Best Buying Guide - iHeat

    A combi or combination boiler combines a water heating system and central heating unit into a single body, acting as a unified way to handle heating and hot water without needing two separate boilers.. This means there is no need for a separate water tank system and therefore takes up less space in your home. A combi boiler is one of the most efficient types of combi boilers to …Get Price

  • Central Heating Pumps Guide | 8 Central Heating Pump Problems

    Sep 06, 2021 · I have a Gloworm hideaway boiler (not a combi boiler system) with Grundfos pump. It worked great for 25+years. The pump finally gave up in March 2017 (defeated by the Beast from the East) and was replaced in by a Grundfos UPS2 15-50/60. Worked fine until just recently. When the Honeywell control panel turns on the heating the boiler fires up.Get Price

  • 8 Common Worcester Bosch Boiler Problems and Faults + FIXES

    May 31, 2021 · If your Worcester boiler is leaking, this can cause low pressure and the boiler to lockout. A leaking boiler will usually be due to blown pump seals. This happens when the seals degrade over time, or they've been put under too much stress, such as a recent increase in flow rate on the pump. The boiler recognises this and displays a fault code.Get Price

  • Worcester 28CDI Combi boiler - very low pressure | …

    May 05, 2011 · Worcester 28CDI Combi boiler - very low pressure Discussion in ' Plumbing and Central Heating ' started by GrayCope1983, 26 Apr 2011 . Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next >Get Price

  • Expansion Vessel faulty or not? - MyBuilder

    54861. If you have a faulty pressure vessel then it won't be able to take the pressure rise when the boiler is on. The key indicator is that the pressure gauge will rise to 3 bar or above which will cause the pressure relief valve to open, you may notice water trickling from the pipe out side. LimingT14:30:02+00:00.Get Price

  • Worcester 28CDi combi boiler, CH thermostat | DIYnot …

    Sep 03, 2019 · Zehroni. Our boiler (Worcester 28CDi )always set on the first scale of the CH temp control knob. But now it does not fire on this scale since the start of the cold period. When I turned to the fist scale, all I can hear is rapid clicks and both central heating demand indicator and flam detection indicator comes on and off very quickly.Get Price

  • Worcester Junior 24i Pressure Too High or Low . Boiler

    I don't know if this boiler is fixed or not. No idea!!!To support this content and get access to the PDF files to go with this training click here: https://Get Price

  • Boiler Controls Explained | Worcester Bosch

    From April 2018 all new boilers installed in England must have a both a thermostat and timer fitted to meet building control requirements. If your boiler is a combi boiler you will need to also have one of 4 energy saving measures as a part of your system. Learn more hereGet Price

  • Minimum operating Gas Pressure on boiler | Screwfix

    Mar 04, 2021 · I have been told by one of gas safe engineer that if the pressure is below 16.5mb for combination or system boiler, he cannot issue gas safety certificate. On the other hand I checked some certificates issued by another gas safe engineer for properties where the gas pressure on boiler is ranging 10 -11mb and issued passed certificate.Get Price

  • Worcester Combi Boiler - No Hot Water | Screwfix Community

    Jan 13, 2015 · I have a Worcester Greenstar 28i Junior Combi boiler. The heating is working perfectly but I am have no hot water. When I turn a hot tap on the boiler fires up and hot water is initially produced but within 10 to 20 seconds the water goes cold again. The flow from the tap then starts to slow to just a trickle and I have to open it up further to Get Price

  • Worcester boiler won't repressurise — MoneySavingExpert Forum

    Feb 05, 2013 · Worcester boiler won't repressurise. I've got a Worcester boiler which started getting a bit temperamental as the pressure gauge had dropped right down to the bottom. I had a plumber come out and he replaced a few parts but it hasn't solved the problem. After repressurising the boiler, the pressure would drop right back to zero again with 24hrs.Get Price

  • Two questions with Worcester Bosch pressure loss and

    Nov 16, 2015 · Hi, I have a basic Worcester Bosch Greenstar combi boiler. It is recently losing pressure on a daily basis: I top up with water up to 1 bar, the boiler heats the house; after the boiler has cooled, pressure has fallen almost to where the gauge shows red.Get Price

  • Common Worcester Boiler Problems - Homecure Plumbers

    Oct 02, 2020 · When the system is cool, the pressure gauge on a Worcester boiler should be between 1 – 1.5 (in the green section). Worcester boiler water pressure issues are common, especially for those that have been in use for some time. When water pressure is low on a Worcester boiler it can potentially damage the system and stop it from working properly. 2.Get Price

  • I have a Worcester Bosch 28cdi. I recently noticed a

    Feb 16, 2012 · Can run the boiler at very low heat settings and pressure stays at 1.5-2 bar. hi, i have a worcester bosch 28cdi combi boiler.the pressure gauge rises from 1.3bar to over 3bar in about 90mins.i have just replaced the filling loop assembly and the …Get Price

  • Worcester Boiler Error Codes [Full 2021 List] - Boiler Central

    Jul 02, 2021 · Worcester Bosch offers some of the most reliable boilers on the market but they are not immune to the perils of use. Occasionally, you will run into a problem with your boiler, and when this happens, you will need to know how best to handle it.Get Price

  • What Should Boiler Pressure Be When Heating Is On? | PHS

    Sep 15, 2020 · So whether it's a Vaillant Ecotec Pro 28 with pressure that's too high or a Worcester 28cdi with boiler pressure that's too low, or indeed any other kind of combi boiler that has pressure problems, there is one excellent piece of news.. You're asking the question and looking for a solution rather than ignoring it.Get Price

  • Worcester 28CDI - The pressure on my boiler has dropped to

    Dec 11, 2011 · hi, i have a worcester bosch 28cdi combi boiler.the pressure gauge rises from 1.3bar to over 3bar in about 90mins.i have just replaced the filling loop assembly and the pressure valve but it has not s … read moreGet Price

  • Worcester Bosch Boiler Problems, Repair Advice & How to Fix

    If the pressure gauge is showing less that 1bar then your boiler has low water pressure. Worcester Bosch boilers will gradually lose pressure over the years but this will be very slowly. A boiler with low water pressure won't be able to function properly and could end up causing damage to the system, which is why the unit will lockout Get Price


    The boilers require a gas flow in m3/h of: NG (G20) LPG (G31) 24CDi 2.9 1.13 28CDi 3.3 1.3 35CDiII 4.16 1.6 The meter governor or regulator should deliver a dynamic pressure of 20mbar for natural gas or 37mbar for propane at the appliance, which is about 18.5mb or 35.5 mbar at gas valve inlet pressure test point.Get Price

  • Worcester Bosch Greenstar 35CDi Classic System Gas Boiler

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 35CDi Classic System Gas Boiler. Typical Price (inc VAT) £1,187. Typical installation Cost (inc VAT)*. £500 - £1000. Sundries (Filter, Flue, etc)Get Price

  • Worcester Bosch Greenstar 37CDi Combi Gas Boiler | Price

    Product Description The Greenstar 37CDi combi gas boiler has now been discontinued by Worcester Bosch. Available with a variety of features and benefits with Greenstar 37CDi is a condensing combi gas boiler that has been designed and manufactured by Worcester Bosch.Get Price

  • hi, I have a worcester bosch 28cdi combi boiler.the pressure

    Sep 05, 2010 · hi, i have a worcester bosch 28cdi combi boiler.the pressure gauge rises from 1.3bar to over 3bar in about 90mins.i have just replaced the filling loop assembly and the pressure valve but it has not solved it. about 18 to 24 months ago i replaced the water to water heat exchanger.the boiler is 8 years old.any ideas what to do next ! Thanks.also no moisture comes …Get Price

  • How to reset a Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler - AB

    Worcester Greenstar Si & CDi Compact Boiler Reset. To reset the boiler, press "Reset". "Reset" and a tick is briefly displayed. If the reset was successful the boiler will return to normal operation. If the reset was not successful then the alert code will be displayed again, and the blue operation/fault light will continue to flash.Get Price

  • What to do if your boiler loses pressure | Worcester Bosch

    How to repressurise your boiler. Topping up your boiler pressure is a simple fix and can be carried out without a heating engineer. First of all identify what sort of filling system you have and then follow the instructions, or watch our technical trainer show you how its done.Get Price

  • Worcester Bosch Greenstar 32CDi Gas Compact Combi Boiler

    Jan 13, 2021 · Order online at High-powered, compact combi boiler with aluminium silicon heat exchanger. Provides instantaneous hot water for properties with up to 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a high output demand. May be installed in a standard kitchen cupboard. Features a low-energy pump, helping to reduce the boiler's electrical consumption. FREE next …Get Price

  • Diverter Valve Worcester 24 26 28 35 - Boiler Parts Center

    Part No. 87161567460 This Diverter Valve Fits The Following Worcester Boilers: Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No. Worcester 24CDi BF Combi 47-311-29 Worcester 24CDi OF Combi 47-311-32 Worcester 24CDi RSF Combi 47-3Get Price

  • worcester 28cdi combi losing pressure | Screwfix …

    Jan 23, 2018 · Hi, wondered if someone can help, my boiler has been losing pressure over the last six months, would fill to 1bar and over a month would drop to 0.5bar Had an engineer give it a service a few months ago said all was ok with boiler other than the pressure gauge took about 10 to 15 minutes to register when adding water to re pressurise the system.Get Price

  • Greenstar i Troubleshooting | Worcester Bosch

    If you have a combi or system boiler, which are both sealed systems, there is likely to be a water pressure gauge on the front. This should be at a setting of around 1 bar whilst the heating is off. When the boiler is operating, the gauge will usually rise to 1.5 bar or more.Get Price

  • Gas Central Heating Blog: Worcester Bosch 28CDi No Hot Water

    Nov 28, 2012 · Worcester Bosch 28CDi No Hot Water. I was asked by a lady to look at her Worcester Bosch 28CDi combination boiler because her hot water performance had been gradually declining before failing altogether. The decline occurred over a couple of months and first began to affect the upstairs taps. The lady had already called another engineer who Get Price

  • Worcester 28CDi Combi Boiler - No Hot water - takes ages

    May 08, 2011 · Worcester 28CDi Combi Boiler - No Hot water - takes ages! but said he would be reluctant to touch this unless it gets worse as due to the pressure being low for a long time i might have an effect on it. just it isn't very hot. With the boiler pressure on 1.3bar, how high does it raise too when the boiler is working. Top.Get Price

  • Worcester 28CDI Combi | DIYnot Forums

    Sep 03, 2019 · Worcester 28cdi combi Hi I have had an on going problem with this boiler.It has ran fine all summer with the rads not on,but as soon as we put the heating on & ran the hot water the boiler cuts out with the red light flashing rapid.Get Price